Friday, December 03, 2010

End of 2010

Last month of 2010. So what's been happening? :) Loads.. Good and bad and exciting..
Things I'm proud of.. Things I'm not very proud of.. Made new friends, lost 1 (yes just that 1).. Cried.. Laughed.. Went through (and still going through) an emotional rollercoaster..

Fell in love with Australia - Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra.. Loved the experience of adventuring in a campervan.. Loved exploring in Perth on my own (and with a helpful guide).. I have yet to write about my campervan journey with the family.. I'd do it in another post :p

Spent time with my thoughts and sanity.. Reevaluate my life, my relationships and friendships. Went through a very dark and sombre time 6 months ago only to emerge with a clearer view and a steadier head on my shoulders. I know where I stand and I now know not to have high expectations in anything for the disappointment would only tear me apart like a raging storm.

Found new jobs and did some work for a charity event. Did silly things with my boys and still learning to bring them up well.. Still learning to grow up although I prefer being a kid.. ;) Oh and I bungeed! What an awesome experience.. My next aim is to bungee in NZ for their 43m and 134m jump :) No I'm not crazy just like to feed on the adrenaline pump once in a while..

I don't believe in making resolutions for the new year. Set a certain goal - sure. But if you want a change, you'd do it when you're ready. Right now, I want to enjoy my time with friends and family (over awesome food if possible hehe).. I want to look back when I'm older and remember the great times I've had had.. And stay positive in every situation for negativity eats you up like a plague..

So what am I looking forward to in 2011? A new home.. A new environment.. And a new baby :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Gomen ne..

Sore wa amarini mo itai, atashi sore ni iku yo ni shite..
Gomen ne.. Atashi wa baka da..

Sore wa fukano de..

Watashi wa iku koto ga deki nai..
Jikan ga iyahite kureru desho u..
Soshite, atashi sore ni itte morao u..

Ie zan'nen..
Watashi ga anata ni yoku shi tai o atashi aishite kudasai..

Gomen ne..
Kono baka o yurushite kudasai..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Was looking forward to meeting you in September.
To hold you..
To stare at your beauty..
To smell the fresh scent on you..

Course changes and took an unexpected turn
As challenging as it is..
It was a painful, heart wrenching decision..

You were not my flesh and blood..
You were only in my thoughts..
Yet you were very real to me
And affected me deeply in every way..

May God have mercy and forgive
May He take and place you in Heaven
May your soul be at peace and
May you be loved unconditionally..

I will miss you from this moment on
And I will remember you come September..


Friday, August 21, 2009

My first

Guess what Hubs brought back for me ^_^

Such a big box!

The inside of the paper bag

Can you imagine my excitement? :D

One more snap of the box ;)

Neatly wrapped in Coach paper

I took my time peeling off the silver tab

Heart beats..

Placed in a silk-cotton bag


And here's my baby.. All pink n chic!

The tags

Inner lining with extra hook and compartments

Hubs decides to get me this Op Art Glam for Raya but now I can't bring myself to use it :p It's still a little too high-class for me lol! Hubs thought this casual and spacious bag would suit me and also because it's pink hehe.. Well I couldn't agree more.. *Heart* my very first Coach bag =)

ps: Costs slightly more than 1k ;) and he like my dad, wasn't reluctant to let me know the price!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a storm in and out

Yesterday was my Daddy's 59th birthday =) We celebrated it on Sunday night over Thai food and Buk made him a special birthday card (which he spent the whole evening explaining the things he drew on the card hehe).. It was a simple and short celebration without the rest the of Chang members.

We called him yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and well, Buk conquered the phone chatting with his 'KongKong' =D

Dark clouds gathered some time in the evening and soon rain poured heavily. The wind was howling and trees were being blown so hard I thought they might be uprooted :p

Hubs came home and rang the doorbell because the wooden door was closed. He had a pissed off look on his face and to my horror, our shoes were thrown out of the house! They were all soaked in the rain!!! On top of that, our big clothes hanger fell on the ground, bringing all of the washed clothes with it. Great.. Now I have a load of soaked dirty clothes and shoes!

Before I moved on to confronting the culprits who had itchy hands, I cleared off the clothes and washed them again. Then it started.. "Kd boy did it, Mum!" "Nooo... KohKoh!!" Sigh I wasn't in the mood to yell or should I say lack the energy lol...

I asked Buk which pair he threw out and smacked him on his palms for each pair thrown. Same goes to Kd Boy who apparently threw out my sandals, Hubs sports shoes, Buk's Adidas sneakers and my Crocs... Oh and Sentinel Prime as well.. =.=

They get really playful and would always end up doing something senseless like this.. Not that I discourage play but something like this is definitely a no-no..

Friday, August 07, 2009

Suction cups

Went for physio yesterday and therapist tortured me huhuuu...

First she pressed on my back with such force I was oww-ing and squirming away.. The pain is still as intense as before! Then she used a different machine on me..

I had a few of these 'suction cups' all over my back I'm sure I looked like out of some alien movie!

These 'suction cups' are connected to a machine which gives out whirring sounds as it work. Kinda like a generator :p

The cups actually gives out current as it sucks (that's the best way I could describe it!) That's why large round facial sponges are used to avoid pinching on the skin. I lost track on how long these cups were on me but when they were removed, I could feel muscle spasm esp around my lower back area..

After being an 'alien' they covered me with ice packs to help calm down the inflammation in my muscles.. I usually have one on my back but this time they put one on my shoulder as well and boy.. it was much colder and tingly! Then everything went numb..

Grr.. if only the numbness in my back lasts forever! I'm spending too much time travelling to the hospital and not to mention the amount I'm using from the medical insurance!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Enfagrow casting

Talent Gallery called and asked if Buk would like to go for a casting call for Enfagrow TV ad. Of course he would! (well ok I'm more interested in the idea :p)

Today I brought him for the audition and this is what he did

I couldn't help giggling throughout the thing. This was his 3rd take and did another in BM (which I'm now smacking myself for not taking that video. He needed only 1 take and did a very good job! :D)

I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed and hope TG calls with some good news hehe. They wanted to cast KD as well but as usual the lil grump refused to say the lines. (He only did so at bedtime =.=)

PS: Buk's line - "What if we run out of pumpkins?" :D And "Kalau tak cukup labu?" Cuteness!

Coach me

I'm not 1 for high-end designer clothes let alone handbags but when Hubs offered to buy me a Coach, well I'm a girl and I wouldn't wanna reject such a generous offer! ;)

So I checked out and found a few bags to my liking and quickly showed them to Hubs who kinda snorted at my excitement :p Can you blame me really?

On one hand, I feel guilty to spend such exorbitant amount on 1 handbag but on another, I'm being really materialistic. RM1k for a bag seems a lil far fetched (and what kind of lifestyle do we lead, really?) Then I start comparing it to other high-end brands and think, heck, at least I'm not choosing one which costs as much as his monthly pay ;)

I've shown him 3 designs which I like and we'll see if he is that generous =D

Patent Spotlight ($298)

Signature Spotlight ($268)

Op Art Glam ($198)

Yes I know they're all pink ;) What can I say? It's 1 of my fave colours and I think they look super chic, sweet and girly =D